Subsidised Therapy Application

The Dublin Branch of Down Syndrome Ireland offers all paid up members of the branch a subsidy of €30 a session for a maximum of 26 sessions towards a therapy of their choice.  Due to the high cost of assessment for certain therapies, the branch also offers a 50% subsidy, up to a
maximum of €200, against assessments.

The scheme works as follows:

  • Parents will choose their own therapist in whatever field they wish.
  • Parents pay the therapist in full and receipts will be forwarded to the Treasurer quarterly.
  • Parents can only claim a maximum of 26 sessions of therapy per calendar year or a maximum amount of €780.
  • Down Syndrome Dublin will subsidise each session to a maximum of €30 per session.
  • Parents can also claim 50% of the cost of assessment, up to a maximum of €200.
  • The total amount allowable in a calendar year is €200 for assessment + €780 for therapy = €980.
  • An application must be made at the end of each calendar year for inclusion for next year’s subsidy.
  • Down Syndrome Dublin is unable to offer the subsidy payment to pay for therapies with any other charity, e.g., Down Syndrome Centre, Sensational Kids etc.

The following requirements must be met before therapy can commence:

  • Parents must be fully paid up members of DSD
  • Application form must be filled out and returned to the committee for review
  • Authorisation must be granted by the committee prior to any assessment or subsidised therapies taking place
  • Parents must undertake to fundraise for Down Syndrome Dublin within the same calendar year as the subsidy is paid.
  • The committee reserves the right to refuse subsidies if the above requirements are not
    adhered to.


Down Syndrome Dublin is run by parents just like you and we receive no Government funding or funding from Down Syndrome Ireland. We rely on fundraising to offer this subsidy and all others subsidy applications provided by the Branch.


If you would like to apply for Therapy Subsidy please use the form below.

Member details

Therapy Details

Please provide details on the type of therapy (eg Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy etc)

Terms and conditions

Therapy subsidy is available to fully paid members of Down Syndrome Dublin. If you you have not paid your membership for 2022 please use the membership form on our website.
Parents must undertake to fundraise for Down Syndrome Dublin within the same calender year as the subsidy is paid. Please provide details on the fundraising event you plan to hold.
Subsidised therapy applications are reviewed monthly, you must receive approval before subsidised therapies take place.