Family Membership 2023

Down Syndrome Dublin

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Down Syndrome Ireland is a membership organisation who support 3,500 people with Down syndrome and their families throughout Ireland. Dublin is the largest branch with approximately 450 members.


  • Become part of a fabulous community
  • Seek support
  • Make friends
  • Help make a difference to others
  • Get information and training
  • Access to funding support for therapies 
  • Access to a range of social and educational activities.

Annual Membership fee

An annual family membership fee of €20 per family is requested when you join Down Syndrome Dublin.  This membership fee is due January 1st each year.

If you would like to download a paper form and pay by cheque/postal order please click here

Member Details


Parent / Guardian Details

What is the relationship of the parent/guardian to the person with Down Syndrome (Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Grandparent etc.)
What is the relationship of the 2nd parent/guardian to the person with Down Syndrome (Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Grandparent etc.)

Data Protection Privacy Notice

Down Syndrome Dublin take all appropriate measures to keep your data safe and secure. We never collect any unnecessary personal data from you and do not process the information in any way, other than as specified. We use your information only for the purposes such as those set out below (e.g. account management, membership support and fundraising). Below is a summary of how we handle your data:

To contact you regarding:
Your arrangements for social and educational/information appointments
Your account for payment of membership and costs of availing of services
Fundraising activities
Events, activities and reminders for your appointments and attendances

Your information may be shared with:
Down syndrome Ireland for membership, insurance & lobbying purposes.
Volunteers who are undertaking administration work on behalf of Down Syndrome Dublin.
Our treasurer in relation to your contact details and your account details.
Other members that maybe fundraising with you.
Event, activity, club organisers (e.g. Baby Group, Fun with Number, SibShop, etc)
Our computer/IT support person may view your details on our systems if they are fixing any technical difficulties
Although no individual members’ details are discussed, your information may form part of statistics used for presentation of information at the AGM and/or committee meetings
Committee members who are handling complaints, grievances, accidents or incidents raised.

Your information is stored in/on:
Paper format which is kept in locked units e.g. locked filing cabinet.
On computer/s or computer software which are password protected.

Membership Fee

Please select how you would like to pay the €20 annual membership fee. Membership is valid until December 31st 2023
Note: There is no membership fee for new members who were under 2 years of age on January 1st 2023.